School Books

How to order books for the coming school year:

Students or parents can order books directly from the book seller.
We ask parents to wait with the book order until after the second Saturday. The teacher of your child will assess the level during the first and second Saturday and will recommend whether the child will stay or change classes after the second Saturday. Please order the book/s the following Monday, so that your child will have it in time for the third Saturday.
Adult students who are sure about their level can order the book ahead of the first class. Adult students who first would like to see if they fit into a class should wait with ordering and order once they made their decision.
Please click below link to open a book list organized by classes directly on the website of the book seller.
Alternatively, you can also call the book seller and order by phone and with a credit card.
International Book Import Service
Phone: 1-800-277-4247

Book List

To view the full list of books, you can download the instructions here:
2024/25 Book List and Instructions